domenica 11 novembre 2007

segnali deboli ( review 25 -26 -28 -30 ottobre )

Social Computing as Co-created Experience (23 ottobre)

Virtual Worlds Week: Second Life gets new Google-powered search engine (22 ottobre)

Virtual Worlds Week: Second Life gets Facebook application (22 ottobre)

Slogbase is watching you? Traffic monitoring in SL ( 20 ottobre)

Virtual Worlds Week: Top 10 alternatives to Second Life (24 ottobre)

15 virtual worlds currently in development (25 ottobre)

Metaverse Singularity (14 ottobre)

Entrepreneur's Guide to Second Life: Making Money in the Metaverse (15 ottobre)

The future of virtual worlds (26 ottobre )

Kinset: Like Second Life For Shopping (23 ottobre)

World Bank and IFC Report Ventures into Virtual World with Second Life (23 ottobre)

World Bank Presents Global Doing Business Report in Second Life (27 ottobre)

20 trends definingvirtual worlds in 2007 (29 0tt0bre)

10 Golden Rules Internet Marketing Strategy Blog (29 ottobre)

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